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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tell Attorney General Bill Schuette and Gov. Rick Snyder to Stand up for State’s Rights for MI Medical Marijuana Patients.

By The Weed Warrior.

Shekina Pena Addressing
 Lansing City Council
Michigan Medical Marijuana participants deserve protection from Federal law regarding the dreaded 100 plant rule. With Marijuana being accepted by the will of the people, this artificial barrier must be removed or raised to accommodate patients.  Currently, if you are in possession of 100 or more plants, you will be charged with Manufacturing and distribution of between 100-999 plants or, 100-999 kilograms and, a penalty between 5 - 40 years in prison. These charges may include forfeiture of property and assets including bank accounts and cars. Patients Michigan are in need of protection and support from the top law enforcement official in the State to enforce the  10th amendment of the US Constitution regarding State’s Rights.

This artificial rule has been used by law enforcement to arrest people and seize property with reckless abandon.  The 100 plant rule is a tax or extortion fee to force people to plead guilty to something they were doing legally under State law.  In some cases, driving privileges are suspended for up to 1 year and the additional cost of being monitored by a probation officer is a cost to the taxpayers that can push the country off the fiscal cliff.  

It is legally impossible to be guilty of a Federal crime when the State of Michigan legally allows caregivers to have 5 patients at 12 plants each. This is a disadvantage to two or more caregivers who share utility expenses to drive down the cost of growing and maintaining a plant. The vote in Colorado, Washington State, and 5 cities in Michigan is causing the Mexican Government to rethink their opposition to Marijuana.  Officials there are asking their government “why are we stopping something that is legal in the USA”?

The recent yes votes in Detroit, Ypsilanti, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo to allow for possession and use of Marijuana has changed the legal landscape so much as to force government officials in United States to rethink their Marijuana policies.  In the State of Washington, judges have been dismissing misdemeanor cases of Marijuana possession clearing out their court dockets.

We need leadership on this issue in Lansing from the Office of Attorney General regarding Marijuana. All Marijuana manufacturing cases in the State of Michigan should be dismissed immediately on the basis of Legal Impossibility!  

Currently, resources dedicated to killing jobs and stopping growth can be re-directed insuring that no one has to suffer from poor quality cannabis, K2 synthetic Marijuana, or any other imitations to the plant from GOD.  Therefore and if you can take 15 minutes, send an e-mail to Attorney General Bill Schuette and Governor Rick Snyder demanding that State Resources stop being used to dismantle and sabotage the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.

Finally In 2013 all Michigan Mayors and City Council seats are up for re-election. This is a great opportunity to change your local government’s attitude towards Marijuana by demanding that Marijuana become the lowest law enforcement priority in City, Township, and County limits before Election Day  on November 5, 2013.

Our well being depends on YOU!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Has your county prosecutor been naughty or nice? A voters guide to the Michigan 2012 primary and general election.

By. Richard C. Clement
Cannabis Crusader
The August primary is very important to participate in, especially if you support the decriminalization and economic utilization of the cannabis plant. Some of the offices that are an immediate concern are the County Judgeships, Sheriff, Prosecutors, and Commissioners. These offices impact the day to day operations and lives of citizens living within their borders. In 2008 the citizens of the State of Michigan overwhelmingly voted to approve the use of Marijuana for Medical reasons in a bi-partisan manner.  

Medical Marijuana received more votes than President Obama and John McCain in Michigan. This affirmative vote for Marijuana is a clear indication that citizens of both parties can come together as one on a single issue for the common good. All is not lost and there are some pretty good people still around.

A threat to weed anywhere is a threat to weed everywhere!
Make it your Duty to STOP Bill Schuette.
In selecting a county prosecutor, you need a standard of measurement on who to vote for regarding cannabis reform. The standard of measurement is to count the number of Cana-businesses in your County. If there is a place that you can go in your county to get meds, then your county prosecutor is ok. David Leyton in Genesee county is the gold standard of measurement. There are viable cana-business in that county with no local or county interference. Others of notable mention include Stuart Dunnings III of Ingham County, Kym Worthy of Wayne County and Henry C. Zavislak of Jackson County. If there are no places of cana-business in your county or, the businesses that were there were shut down and never reopened, then it is a very high probability that your county prosecutor should be voted against.

             If you are reading this and live in Michigan, count the number of dispensaries in your county then, ask your county prosecutor the following question:
  1. “Do you support the will of the people regarding Medical Marijuana as voted by the people?"
  2. “If elected will you support the law by not conducting and supporting raids using county resources?”
            If there answer is NO, then they have to GO! If the answer is YES, that is the person we need to protect the weed. If no other viable candidate is on the ballot, then write in a viable candidate’s name. To help us out I would like you to count the number of cana-busnesses in your county. If there are none, then post your county name in the comment section for the record. If your county prosecutor is friendly, then write that in the comment section also. For write-in candidates,  consider the fact that the  person's name being written in has to be a lawyer licensed in the State of Michigan and, must be living in the area by January 1st, 2013. If you don’t know your prosecutor (and you should) the following list of county prosecutors and contact information is available below.

Candidates in GREEN are the alternative, cannabis friendly candidates for office for prosecutors who are flagged with a NO.

Prosecutor Name COUNTY Contact Information 4:20 Friend?
Thomas J. Weichel ALCONA
Karen Bahrman ALGER Click Here
Frederick L. Anderson ALLEGAN Click Here
Ed Black ALPENA Click Here
Charles H. Koop ANTRIM
Curtis Broughton ARENAC Click Here
Joseph P. O'Leary BARAGA Click Here
Thomas E. Evans  BARRY Click Here
Kurt Asbury BAY Click Here
John B. Daugherty  BENZIE Click Here NO
Arthur J. Cotter BERRIEN
Terri A. Norris BRANCH Click Here
Susan K. Mladenoff CALHOUN Click HereNO
Victor A. Fitz CASS Click Here
Daryl P. Vizina CHEBOYGAN Click Here
Brian A. Peppler CHIPPEWA Click Here NO
Michelle J. Ambrozaitis CLARE Click HereNO                  
Charles D. Sherman CLINTON Click Here YES
Everette E. Ayers  CRAWFORD
Steve Parks DELTA Click Here
Stephanie S. Brule DICKINSON  Click Here
Jeffrey L. Sauter EATON YES
James R. Linderman EMMET Click Here
David S. Leyton GENESEE Click HereYES
Aaron W. Miller GLADWIN 
Richard B. Adams GOGEBIC
Al Schneider GRAND TRAVERSE Click Here
Keith J. Kushion GRATIOT
Neal A. Brady HILLSDALE Click Here
Michael Makinen HOUGHTON Click Here
Timothy J. Rutkowski  HURON Click Here
Stuart J. Dunnings, III INGHAM YES
Ronald J. Schafer IONIA Click Here
Gary W. Rapp IOSCO
Melissa A. Powell IRON
Larry J. Burdick ISABELLA
Henry C. Zavislak JACKSON prosecut@co.jackson.mi.usYES
Jeffrey R. Fink KALAMAZOO Click Here
Kirk  A. Metzger KALKASKA Click Here
William A. Forsyth KENT Click Here
Donna L. Jaaskelainen  KEWEENAW
Michael J. Riley LAKE NO
Byron J. Konschuh LAPEER
Joseph T. Hubbell LEELANAU Click Here
Jonathan L. Poer LENAWEE
Peter Tazelaar II  LUCE Click Here
Fred Feleppa  MACKINAC Click Here
Eric J. Smith  MACOMB Click Here
Ford K. Stone MANISTEE Click Here
Gary L. Walker  MARQUETTE Click Here
Paul R. Spaniola MASON
Peter Jaklevic MECOSTA
Daniel E. Hass MENOMINEE Click Here
Michael Carpenter MIDLAND Click Here
William Donnelly, Jr  MISSAUKEE
William P. Nichols  MONROE Click Here
Andrea Krause MONTCALM
Tony D. Tague MUSKEGON Click Here NO
Marc Curtis(YES)
Robert Springstead NEWAYGO
Jessica R. Cooper  OAKLAND NO
Terry L. Shaw OCEANA Click Here
LaDona Schultz OGEMAW Click Here
James Jessup ONTONAGON Click Here
James J. Sims Il OSCEOLA
Kathleen Solomon  OSCODA
Brendan Curran OTSEGO Click HereYES
Ronald J. Frantz  OTTAWA
Richard K. Steiger  PRESQUE ISLE Click Here
Mark Jernigan ROSCOMMON Click Here
Michael D. Thomas SAGINAW Click Here
James V. Young SANILAC
Timothy R. Noble SCHOOLCRAFT Click Here
Randy O. Colbry SHIAWASSEE
Michael Wendling ST. CLAIR
John L. McDonough ST. JOSEPH Click Here
Mark E. Reene TUSCOLA Click Here NO
Juris Kaps  VAN BUREN Click Here
Brian L. Mackie WASHTENAW
Kym L. Worthy WAYNE Click HereYES
Mark Smathers WEXFORD

 Vote Weed 2012, your community is depending on you!