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Friday, December 20, 2013

Restoring the Revenue: Seminar on How Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers and Certification Test Facilities can benefit municipalities

 The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.
The Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.
as Detroit City Council President
The Seminar Agenda for Sat. December 21st
Hosted By
The Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. as
President of Detroit City Council in 2014

How the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers and/or Certification Test Facilities in Michigan can benefit municipalities with the adaption of HB4271 – Provisioning Centers Act in Lansing.  How the new leadership in Detroit City Government can maximize the full potential of an agribusiness revolution that Industrial Hemp and Cannabis can provide.  Also defeating Senate Bill 660 that will outsource caregiver operations to the Canadian based firm of Prairie Systems for exclusive growing rights in Michigan. This bill will effectively remove the caregiver function from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008.  

Meet some of Michigan’s premiere activists and, get one on one consultation with Attorneys and leaders in Government.

Donation: $100.00  
Location:  Marijuana Ranch CafĂ©, 2627 John R. Detroit MI    48201

Tickets:   313 422-5281/ PayPal / Maximum Capacity of 30 people.
Sounds of Music Provided by DJ Skojak / Licensed Security Guard on site
Emcee for the Evening:   The Weed Warrior
Buffet style Dinner served for guests. Waitress/Hostess Service


Doors Open @ 4pm

4:00 – 6:00   Social Networking Hour with activists and friends.

                Medication Station will be located on the terrace for level.

6:00 – 6:45   Speakers List:

Atty. Michael Kormorn, Atty. Matt Abel (Michigan NORML), Activist Adam Brook, Activist Tim Beck, and City Councilman George Cushingberry Jr.     

6:45 – 10:00 Buffet Served with Question and Answering Session/Basic Networking

Your Food Menu for the Evening...

 Shrimp Cocktail Bowl
 Sausage Cheese Trays
 Deviled Eggs
 Hummus & Pita Chips
 Smoked Salmon Tray
 Tossed Salad
 Smoked Brisket Sliders
 Ranch Baked Beans
 Mac and Cheese
 Christmas Cookies
 And a fine selection of Beverages

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

City of Detroit November 5th, 2013 General Election Pro-Marijuana Slate & Voters Guide

The 4:20 Slate for the City of Detroit.

The following candidates for City of Detroit elected offices are recommended as being supportive of the cause to decriminalize Marijuana. These candidates are likely to support resolutions to create jobs in construction,  revenue to support employee and retiree pensions with full health care coverage, from the use, manufacturing, and development of cannabis byproducts.

The Candidates were asked the following question:

If you were elected to office, would you support and respect the peoples will regarding the use and cultivation of Cannabis  a.k.a. Marijuana in the City of Detroit?

Mayor: Benny Napolean 

Benny Napolean 
"As long as I am the Sheriff of Wayne County, I never have and never will use anyone in my Office to participate in ANY raids or seizures in Wayne County Michigan".  Is willing to look into allowing employees to use Medical Marijuana to cut health care costs.

Mike Duggan:
"No comment"

City Clerk: Janice Winfrey

Janice Winfrey:
"As the Clerk and Chief elections officer, I can not make a public opinion on possible ballot initiatives."

D. Etta Wilcoxon:
"I don't use it and I don't support anyone who uses it"

City Council by District Number

2.George Cushingberry Jr.
3.Scott Benson
4.Betty Cook Scott
5.Mary Sheffield
6.Isaac Robinson
7.Gabe Leland

At Large:  David Bullock

Police Commissioner
District Number:

5. Marcelus Brice
7. Ricardo R. Moore

Lansing Michigan City Council   Judi Brown Clarke  At Large

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fighting the War on Weed: Ending the Double Reverse Racism of the Drug War - Victory is within reach!

by Hard Core Detroit

Sept 13, 2013 @ 4:20am

The desperate fighters of the Drug War have come up with a new strategy.  Put more White People in jail.  Dennis Forsberg, Richard Wershe, Ryan Bashore, Marc Emery are victims of the drug war who happen to be Caucasian.  After reading these cases, you may want to sing a chorus of “Desperado” by the Eagles.

Michigan's Longest Serving Drug War Prisoner
Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe is the longest serving drug war prisoner in Michigan. Wershe is currently in prison for life since 1987 for dealing 650 grams of cocaine under the draconian 3 strikes law which has since been repealed.  Other prisoners with far more serious crimes, including some of the people Wershe informed on are walking the street today. Wershe was a paid federal government employee recruited to infiltrate the Detroit Police Department by the DEA when he was 15 years old. He was given phony ID, cars and other goodies while people his age were going to High School.  He was a valued employee until he was not needed anymore by the DEA. Numerous attempts for parole have been denied and after a denial, a prisoner has to wait 3 years for another hearing. Is it time to Free White Boy Rick?  In 2013 Richard Wershe would be an owner of a dispensary/provisioning center legally.  Getting rid of the extravagant lifestyle, Richard Wershe would do just fine. 

 He cannot be a caregiver thanks to Michigan Senators Rick Jones, and Virgil Smith.  Felons are barred from being caregivers even though they have served their time in prison.  Some of these felons are veterans that have been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  To be discriminated against by lawmakers who served in a bar instead of a war zone is outrageous.  Will the current White Boy Rick in the Governor’s office commute his sentence? There are many companies that hire felons so where does the Michigan Senate get off by creating stupid laws like this?  These laws need to meet the fate of the Emergency Manager Law that was rejected by the people through the ballot initiative process. Free Richard Wershe (Change.Org) Petition  (The Story of White Boy Rick -

Dennis Forsberg, Ryan Bashore, Lance Forsberg, are three of 7 drug war prisoners recently jailed on Drug charges stemming from a deliberate and desperate sabotage  of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law by Attorney General Bill Schuette, Michigan Senate, and the Western District of the United States Federal Court. These men were in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana act.  JoAnn Forsberg, the wife of Dennis Forsberg explains it like this:

“Three years in a Federal Prison in Butner NC. He was transparent and created legal documents. For all tax and documents filed with state and federal as he was leasing grow rooms to caregivers. We support medical marijuana. But the kicker of three years in prison is we don't smoke Marijuana at all. Forty years together never needed too. In prison for it. Yet even the federal prosecutor stated: we will not allow you to take the drug reduction class to take a year off your sentence because we know you don't smoke or use (drugs) medical marijuana. So the DEA put him in prison via drug leader (for leasing). But know he does not smoke. Federal laws are a mess
“I have stated as the government holds all patents on medical marijuana. So when it is legal they have the control of it. That Dennis and these other Okemos seven will be the model the government uses to state: this is how we want it grown. Old warehouses. Separate double locked rooms. Police allowed access. Township, schools, authorities all informed. Taxes paid when caregiver sells to own patient. As it takes six hard months of work to create a quality medicine/plant. So no profit. But to be legal taxes need to be paid to be fair to all hardworking Americans and carry a share of tax burdens. Truly the binder these men did to be legal will be the foundation used as an example for all across America someday. 

2014 Address for 3 of the seven
Ryan Basore #16645-040 Jeremy Duval #46344-039 Lance Forsberg #16646-040
FCI Morgantown, Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1000 Morgantown, WV, 26507
Better yet, the seven need to be sequestered out of Federal Custody to serve their remaining time at home in Michigan.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery #40252-086 is a Canadian Citizen from British Colombia being held in the United States for mailing marijuana seeds to people from Canada to America. He is currently in the 3rd year of a 5 year sentence at the Federal Corrections facility in Yazoo City Mississippi for seed trafficking.  Marc has requested to serve his remaining time in Canada.  Unfortunately, the Conservative Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Stephen “I hate Pot” Harper is refusing to let one of his own Citizens come back home.

Mark Emery’s mailing address is:

This is an international travesty of major proportions and while this man is in the USA, he is using tax dollars and resources to be kept in an American jail, even though the State of Washington has fully legalized Marijuana for recreational use.  This man is serving time for something that is legal in 20 states in America.  If the Federal Government had any sense, this man would be kicked out of the American Prison and sent to the State of Washington. He could live there in freedom and be closer to his home in British Columbia until Canada takes him back and Stephen Harper is voted out of office.  (Read the Full Story of Marc Emery by Clicking Here)

The conduct of the Federal Government should lead congress to Stand Their Ground and knock this type of behavior down.  This is a complete waste of money and these men should be first on the list for a commutation of their sentences from President Obama before he leaves office.  What would be better is that the US Congress start to de-fund the DEA.   It is time to withhold grants from States who abuse people with excessive sentences and draconian treatment for a plant instead of taking over 40 votes to defund Health Care. This is another candidate for a sequestered release by Eric Holder and the US Congress.  Marc Emery would be welcome in Michigan.
Chef Ra @ Hash Bash
Putting more white people in jail is not a solution but an expansion of the problem.  Overcrowded prisons, asset forfeiture, and draconian judges must be put in check by the US Attorney General.  Communities all over America must hold their County Prosecutors accountable by threatening to recall them from office. For those who keep pitching the excuse that arresting cannabis users protects children the message to the kids is this. If you will be 18 years old on or before Election Day, you must register to vote and GO VOTE!  Vote Cannabis for change by selecting candidates who are supportive of the reform of Marijuana laws. This is the non-violent and democratic way of managing the republic to which we stand, one nation under the bud with liberty and justice for ALL!  Period.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Election August 6th Primary Marijuana friendly Slate of Candidates Election Guide.

The following candidates for elected office in the City of Detroit are recommended as being supportive of  the cause to decriminalize Marijuana. They are for stopping the drug war that incarcerates too many people costing Detroiters in the form of  excessive spending on correctional facilities instead of education and road repair.   Industrial Hemp (male cannabis) plants can be manufactured into products like auto parts, concrete, fuel, paper in the City of Detroit to create job opportunities and a new revenue stream for the City and the region.

The 4:20 Candidate Slate for the City of Detroit.

Liza Howze, Candidate for Mayor

Mayor:   Liza Howze  / Fred Durhal
City Clerk:
City Council Districts listed by District Number:

2. George Cushingberry Jr.
3. Scott Benson
4. Betty Cook Scott
5. Mary Waters (Breast Cancer Survivor)
6. Isaac Robinson

At Large:  Monica Lewis-PatrickDavid Bullock

Police Commissioners by District Number:
5. Marcelus Brice
7. Ricardo R. Moore

If you have additional information, please leave it in the comments section of this blog.

Vote today by absentee at Wayne County Community College and the Detroit Elections Center before Aug5th.

Locations until Aug 5th.

Wayne County Community College Campus
        8200 W. Outer Drive or 5901 Conner 9am to 5pm
Detroit Department of Elections
        2978 W. Grand Blvd.  9am to 5pm
Support the Detroit Fire Department:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Civil Rights and Marijuana in Michigan - The people's right to light shall not be denied

By  Weed Warrior

      The 2013 Hash Bash is history and this is a good time to do an assessment of the movement over the years. First of all, it was an honor to use cannabis on the campus and diag of the University of Michigan. After all %58 of the voters in the State of Michigan agreed that people should not be treated differently on the basis of race, or being a felon. Being in a certain class of people that is treated unfairly is a true violation of equal protection under the law. 

Free The Weed!
I fully support Attorney General Bill Schuette's effort to ban discrimination in all forms.  I could not think of a better place to fight discrimination against cannabis than on the campus of the UofM. Cannabis has been unfairly treated and used to place more people who are non-white and financially challenged into private and public prisons for profit. A mandate of this magnitude must be acted upon and followed up by the leadership of the Office of Attorney General and other law enforcement officials.

A black man  or woman smoking a joint should get the same time jail for a white man or woman smoking a joint. Marijuana customers should not be singled out for preferential or detrimental treatment when they purchase their medicine. The recent changes to the Michigan law is an embarrassment to the citizens because there were no valid research or study efforts undertaken to determine the saneness of the law that they wanted to pass. I was looking forward to sharing a joint with Jennifer Gratz, but she was not available.

Activist Testify during a House Appropriations Hearing
We have prominent attorneys with Facebook and Twitter accounts arguing about privacy rights because your picture is on a Government Issued Medical Marijuana Card. One of the main arguments against a picture is because it is a violation of the HIPPA act. This is so far from the truth that some of these guys need to re-take the bar exam to determine their ability to use reason and apply the law fairly. The picture requirement is in House Bill 4830 and, a memo from Michigan's executive leadership to compel the Secretary of State to supply the picture for the Medical Marijuana card will be coming soon.  This mis-appropriation of knowledge is coming from the same people who want you to have a picture ID when you go to vote.  If a picture on a Medical Marijuana card is a problem, the effort to require a photo id's to vote will not be resolved anytime soon.

Otherwise, the recent changes in the Medical Marijuana Law in Michigan were designed to increase prison population by giving Law Enforcement a wide range of options to "fill the jails" with young and old men and women. America incarcerates it's people more than any country in the world and, a large number of the people are African Americans, Latinos, and financially challenged others who serve as capital assets in a for profit jail system. These law changes will lead to the increase in asset forfeiture and expensive drug testing for cannabis that proves nothing and makes investors lots of money on the backs of patients.

2013 will bring more attempts of legislative voter fraud from the Michigan Legislature. When the people make a decision that they do or do not want something from their government, the leaders are expected to follow that direction. The legislators shall not get together in a closed room or make decisions at 4am to create "new" laws to what the people just rejected.  This behaviour is un-ethical and a example of  a 21st century version of legislative apartheid.

The citizens have two methods to fight back in the form of recall elections or voting out all of the bums in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017,  and 2020.  We have other methods like fully endorsing Industrial Hemp manufacturing for job creation in agriculture and other industries. Whatever path we choose, change must come and the reckless leadership in Lansing must be made accountable to the people.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reforming Marijuana Policy with common sense.

By Richard Clement 
a.k.a.  The Weed Warrior 

Clearing the Air with Cannabis
It is time for the Annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor Michigan. 2013 has brought some new revelations in the quest to reform Marijuana policy in Michigan and the United States of America.  It is also an ongoing struggle for rationality and creating opportunity with plant named Marijuana. On a State level we have a small but powerful few bent on manipulating the will of the many.  The recent changes in the Medical Marijuana law highlight the lack of common sense and mean spirits within the halls of the Capitol in Lansing Michigan.  For instance the new law requiring you to keep your medicine in a locked container like a firearm was really designed to fund the local libraries in Cities and townships of Michigan (Click Here to review the new law). It has nothing to do with public safety and protecting the children. This bill was designed by defense attorneys, county prosecutors, and  for profit prison interests to line their pockets on the wallets of Medical Marijuana patients.

April 2009 - Lansing MI
First Time applicants apply at
LARA Headquarters
If you are need of a picture ID at a bank, your Medical Marijuana Card with a picture on it will allow you to withdraw money from a teller.  While States like California and Arizona have pictures on their cards, Michigan officials come up with more excuses than a fiction novel writer on why they can’t do it. From the Secretary of State saying that I will not let you use the picture on the driver’s license for your Michigan Medical Marijuana card, to having to mail in forms while other departments have online bill payment is absurd.  This is a clear case of technology suppression through the use of Attorneys and accountants.

Adam Brook / Hash Bash 2007
These laws will put an additional burden of debt on Cities and Counties in the form of increased use of County Jails and Prosecutor hourly time in the face of sequesters furloughs, layoffs, and diminishing resources. Police and Fire fighters experience many forms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the nature of the job. These young men and women fall off of roofs, get shot at, beat up, drag heavy water hoses and, work long hours to protect us.  If they get hurt they have to take a lot of expensive opiates and dangerous legal drugs.  The recent action by the State of Michigan to consider allowing the use marijuana as treatment for PTSD will translate into a huge cost reduction in the medical budgets of Cities, County, and Township Officials.  Military Veterans and State Troopers would also benefit from PTSD treatment with Marijuana because it would lower the health costs to the people of the State of Michigan. According to a 2007 study conducted by a House Appropriations committee, the State of Michigan will save $2 million dollars by removing EVERY marijuana case from the Department of Corrections.

John Sinclair & The Weed Warrior
On a Federal level we heard President Obama say that he has bigger fish to fry regarding Marijuana. Therefore we should be frying and marinating our fish in cannabis seasoned oil.  However people who work somewhere in the chain of command have not gotten the memo.  Some of them seem to be in a state of insubordination and saying to hell with the memo.  Some of these people are going rouge and continually arresting people for possessing and manufacturing Marijuana. This will change as we the people, review existing treaties for modifications and elimination of all Marijuana penalties and restrictions.  How is it that Canada can ship Kilos of Industrial Hemp products to the USA and, if an American Marijuana patient has one gram (1 gm) of their medicine, they get a free physical with a prostate exam if you are a man. Then you are denied entry into the country even though you could take your Ambien and Chantix into the country legally. This must change! Cannabis supporters in Canada and Mexico must engage with us in America to have true free trade because farmers and growers need to manufacture cross border products to restore growth and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Adam Brook at the Diag 2007
It is time to call bullshit on the US Congress and State Legislators by letting your elected official in Lansing Michigan and Washington DC know that you support Marijuana reform and, I wish that you do the same thing when an Industrial Hemp or Marijuana Reform bill comes before you. (Click Here for the Michigan House, Michigan Senate,  US House or US Senate).  For Congressman Mike Rogers you want to call and ask him to support removing Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.  

Contact the White House (click here for the link to the White House) message center to leave a message for the President to Free The Weed by removing Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act will help too.

Vote Weed 2013 by electing 4:20 friendly Mayors and City Council members.

Vote Weed 2014 by electing 4:20 friendly Governors, Attorney General, Secretary of State, US and Michigan Senate races.

We took a few hits in this movement but as warriors we must get up, walk it off, and run again to the goal line of legalization for economic revitalization.

The will of the people will always win in the end game.

Hash Bash 2007 with Free The Weed