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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Election August 6th Primary Marijuana friendly Slate of Candidates Election Guide.

The following candidates for elected office in the City of Detroit are recommended as being supportive of  the cause to decriminalize Marijuana. They are for stopping the drug war that incarcerates too many people costing Detroiters in the form of  excessive spending on correctional facilities instead of education and road repair.   Industrial Hemp (male cannabis) plants can be manufactured into products like auto parts, concrete, fuel, paper in the City of Detroit to create job opportunities and a new revenue stream for the City and the region.

The 4:20 Candidate Slate for the City of Detroit.

Liza Howze, Candidate for Mayor

Mayor:   Liza Howze  / Fred Durhal
City Clerk:
City Council Districts listed by District Number:

2. George Cushingberry Jr.
3. Scott Benson
4. Betty Cook Scott
5. Mary Waters (Breast Cancer Survivor)
6. Isaac Robinson

At Large:  Monica Lewis-PatrickDavid Bullock

Police Commissioners by District Number:
5. Marcelus Brice
7. Ricardo R. Moore

If you have additional information, please leave it in the comments section of this blog.

Vote today by absentee at Wayne County Community College and the Detroit Elections Center before Aug5th.

Locations until Aug 5th.

Wayne County Community College Campus
        8200 W. Outer Drive or 5901 Conner 9am to 5pm
Detroit Department of Elections
        2978 W. Grand Blvd.  9am to 5pm
Support the Detroit Fire Department:

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