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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fighting the War on Weed: Ending the Double Reverse Racism of the Drug War - Victory is within reach!

by Hard Core Detroit

Sept 13, 2013 @ 4:20am

The desperate fighters of the Drug War have come up with a new strategy.  Put more White People in jail.  Dennis Forsberg, Richard Wershe, Ryan Bashore, Marc Emery are victims of the drug war who happen to be Caucasian.  After reading these cases, you may want to sing a chorus of “Desperado” by the Eagles.

Michigan's Longest Serving Drug War Prisoner
Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe is the longest serving drug war prisoner in Michigan. Wershe is currently in prison for life since 1987 for dealing 650 grams of cocaine under the draconian 3 strikes law which has since been repealed.  Other prisoners with far more serious crimes, including some of the people Wershe informed on are walking the street today. Wershe was a paid federal government employee recruited to infiltrate the Detroit Police Department by the DEA when he was 15 years old. He was given phony ID, cars and other goodies while people his age were going to High School.  He was a valued employee until he was not needed anymore by the DEA. Numerous attempts for parole have been denied and after a denial, a prisoner has to wait 3 years for another hearing. Is it time to Free White Boy Rick?  In 2013 Richard Wershe would be an owner of a dispensary/provisioning center legally.  Getting rid of the extravagant lifestyle, Richard Wershe would do just fine. 

 He cannot be a caregiver thanks to Michigan Senators Rick Jones, and Virgil Smith.  Felons are barred from being caregivers even though they have served their time in prison.  Some of these felons are veterans that have been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  To be discriminated against by lawmakers who served in a bar instead of a war zone is outrageous.  Will the current White Boy Rick in the Governor’s office commute his sentence? There are many companies that hire felons so where does the Michigan Senate get off by creating stupid laws like this?  These laws need to meet the fate of the Emergency Manager Law that was rejected by the people through the ballot initiative process. Free Richard Wershe (Change.Org) Petition  (The Story of White Boy Rick -

Dennis Forsberg, Ryan Bashore, Lance Forsberg, are three of 7 drug war prisoners recently jailed on Drug charges stemming from a deliberate and desperate sabotage  of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law by Attorney General Bill Schuette, Michigan Senate, and the Western District of the United States Federal Court. These men were in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana act.  JoAnn Forsberg, the wife of Dennis Forsberg explains it like this:

“Three years in a Federal Prison in Butner NC. He was transparent and created legal documents. For all tax and documents filed with state and federal as he was leasing grow rooms to caregivers. We support medical marijuana. But the kicker of three years in prison is we don't smoke Marijuana at all. Forty years together never needed too. In prison for it. Yet even the federal prosecutor stated: we will not allow you to take the drug reduction class to take a year off your sentence because we know you don't smoke or use (drugs) medical marijuana. So the DEA put him in prison via drug leader (for leasing). But know he does not smoke. Federal laws are a mess
“I have stated as the government holds all patents on medical marijuana. So when it is legal they have the control of it. That Dennis and these other Okemos seven will be the model the government uses to state: this is how we want it grown. Old warehouses. Separate double locked rooms. Police allowed access. Township, schools, authorities all informed. Taxes paid when caregiver sells to own patient. As it takes six hard months of work to create a quality medicine/plant. So no profit. But to be legal taxes need to be paid to be fair to all hardworking Americans and carry a share of tax burdens. Truly the binder these men did to be legal will be the foundation used as an example for all across America someday. 

2014 Address for 3 of the seven
Ryan Basore #16645-040 Jeremy Duval #46344-039 Lance Forsberg #16646-040
FCI Morgantown, Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1000 Morgantown, WV, 26507
Better yet, the seven need to be sequestered out of Federal Custody to serve their remaining time at home in Michigan.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery #40252-086 is a Canadian Citizen from British Colombia being held in the United States for mailing marijuana seeds to people from Canada to America. He is currently in the 3rd year of a 5 year sentence at the Federal Corrections facility in Yazoo City Mississippi for seed trafficking.  Marc has requested to serve his remaining time in Canada.  Unfortunately, the Conservative Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Stephen “I hate Pot” Harper is refusing to let one of his own Citizens come back home.

Mark Emery’s mailing address is:

This is an international travesty of major proportions and while this man is in the USA, he is using tax dollars and resources to be kept in an American jail, even though the State of Washington has fully legalized Marijuana for recreational use.  This man is serving time for something that is legal in 20 states in America.  If the Federal Government had any sense, this man would be kicked out of the American Prison and sent to the State of Washington. He could live there in freedom and be closer to his home in British Columbia until Canada takes him back and Stephen Harper is voted out of office.  (Read the Full Story of Marc Emery by Clicking Here)

The conduct of the Federal Government should lead congress to Stand Their Ground and knock this type of behavior down.  This is a complete waste of money and these men should be first on the list for a commutation of their sentences from President Obama before he leaves office.  What would be better is that the US Congress start to de-fund the DEA.   It is time to withhold grants from States who abuse people with excessive sentences and draconian treatment for a plant instead of taking over 40 votes to defund Health Care. This is another candidate for a sequestered release by Eric Holder and the US Congress.  Marc Emery would be welcome in Michigan.
Chef Ra @ Hash Bash
Putting more white people in jail is not a solution but an expansion of the problem.  Overcrowded prisons, asset forfeiture, and draconian judges must be put in check by the US Attorney General.  Communities all over America must hold their County Prosecutors accountable by threatening to recall them from office. For those who keep pitching the excuse that arresting cannabis users protects children the message to the kids is this. If you will be 18 years old on or before Election Day, you must register to vote and GO VOTE!  Vote Cannabis for change by selecting candidates who are supportive of the reform of Marijuana laws. This is the non-violent and democratic way of managing the republic to which we stand, one nation under the bud with liberty and justice for ALL!  Period.

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Richard Wershe Jr is serving a LIFE sentence for one *non-violent* drug charge he recieved as a minor (17 years old) back in May of 1987. Three years prior Rick was recruited by Federal agents and Detroit police as a teenage undercover informant in Detroit's dangerous drug underworld of the 1980s. Rick's release is long overdue!!

Letter from Ex Detroit cop ->

Letter from a former Federal agent who worked with Rick:
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Page 2:
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