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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

City of Detroit November 5th, 2013 General Election Pro-Marijuana Slate & Voters Guide

The 4:20 Slate for the City of Detroit.

The following candidates for City of Detroit elected offices are recommended as being supportive of the cause to decriminalize Marijuana. These candidates are likely to support resolutions to create jobs in construction,  revenue to support employee and retiree pensions with full health care coverage, from the use, manufacturing, and development of cannabis byproducts.

The Candidates were asked the following question:

If you were elected to office, would you support and respect the peoples will regarding the use and cultivation of Cannabis  a.k.a. Marijuana in the City of Detroit?

Mayor: Benny Napolean 

Benny Napolean 
"As long as I am the Sheriff of Wayne County, I never have and never will use anyone in my Office to participate in ANY raids or seizures in Wayne County Michigan".  Is willing to look into allowing employees to use Medical Marijuana to cut health care costs.

Mike Duggan:
"No comment"

City Clerk: Janice Winfrey

Janice Winfrey:
"As the Clerk and Chief elections officer, I can not make a public opinion on possible ballot initiatives."

D. Etta Wilcoxon:
"I don't use it and I don't support anyone who uses it"

City Council by District Number

2.George Cushingberry Jr.
3.Scott Benson
4.Betty Cook Scott
5.Mary Sheffield
6.Isaac Robinson
7.Gabe Leland

At Large:  David Bullock

Police Commissioner
District Number:

5. Marcelus Brice
7. Ricardo R. Moore

Lansing Michigan City Council   Judi Brown Clarke  At Large

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