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Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 Wayne County 420/Green Slate Primary Election Guide - August 5, 2014

by  Weed Warrior

The following voters guide is based on a candidate's support of Green Jobs through the use, cultivation and, manufacturing of the male and female cannabis plant. While states like Colorado and Washington are benefiting from the explosion in green jobs, current Michigan legislators have been very lackluster when it comes innovation and job creation benefits from the acceptance of "The Plant".

The candidates endorsed on this slate would be the best fit to:
1.  Create a friendly environment for cannabis based businesses in the State of Michigan and regulate it's use as a free market commodity.
2.  Reverse the changes in the Michigan Medical Marijuana law that imposes senseless restrictions of the transporting of marijuana in a vehicle and, other changes that are designed to increase the pipeline to prison and, asset forfeiture cash cow that communities rely on.
3.  Creating Green jobs through the cultivation of  Industrial Hemp for products like fuel and building materials for homes, roads repair, and automobiles.
4.  Modify and remove restrictions on felons allowing them to be caregivers in the Michigan Medical Medical Marijuana program. Being honest on giving someone who made a mistake a true chance to succeed and, create jobs if so inclined to do so.

Are you 35 years old or younger?  
Take your Blunts to the Ballot Box.
Get Rid of the Rotten and Vote for Mark Totten  AG 2014

Vote Green in 2014!
420 Progressive Slate Endorsements

Office Sought Candidate Name
Governor Mark Schauer
Attorney General Mark Totten Nov 2014
Secretary of State Godfrey Dillard Nov 2014
US Senate  Gary Peters
US Rep Dist 13 John Conyers
US Rep Dist 14 Hansen Clarke
MI State Rep Dist 2 Alberta Tinsley Tilab
MI State Rep Dist 3 Vanessa Simpson Olive
MI State Rep Dist 4 Rose Mary Robinson
MI State Rep Dist 5 Fred Durhal
MI State Rep Dist 6
MI State Rep Dist 7 Nicole Stallworth
MI State Rep Dist 8 Sherry Day-Gagnogo
MI State Rep Dist 9 Harvey Santana
MI State Rep Dist 10 Roy McAlister
MI State Rep Dist 27 Rudy Serra
MI Senate  Dist 1 Coleman Young
MI Senate  Dist 2 Bert Johnson
MI Senate  Dist 3 Morris Hood
MI Senate  Dist 4 Rashida Tliab
MI Senate  Dist 5  David Nathan
Wayne County Exec Phil Cavanaugh
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy
Wayne County Sherriff Benny Napolean
Precinct Delegate 92 Richard Clement Write In
Precinct Delegate 187 Vanessa Simspon Olive
Precinct Delegate 223 Tiffany Bush
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredeau Sep 2015

Where to Vote Tue. Aug 5th, 2014
 Click Here to find your Polling Location 

Vote early absentee at WC3!
Dates: Monday Aug. 4th, 2014
Time:  8-4pm 
Location:  Wayne County Community College:
Parking: Free.
Cast your ballot in person or take it home with you and mail in.
You can drop off your filled out absentee ballot there also.  Save a stamp!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Michigan State Prosecutor Aug/Nov Voting Guide - Take Your Blunt to the Ballot Box

by The Weed Warrior

Warrior Shekina Pena  - Lansing MI
Exonerated by a Jury of  Her Peers(2010)
Accused of  Voter Fraud by
Attorney General Bill Schuette
Has your prosecutor been naughty or nice regarding the possession and ingestion of Cannabis infused products?  In 2014 and, if you support ending the War on Weed, then take your blunt with you to the ballot box and VOTE!  You can vote early in Wayne County by going to the campus of Wayne County Community College and Vote early by absentee, usually by 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Other county locations require you to go to your city clerk's office and Vote early also. As the election date gets closer, there may be a Saturday session also.

Below is the list of all 83 County Prosecutors in the State of Michigan.  The ones that have been tolerant to cana-business are flagged with a "Y".   (Genesee - David Leyton, Ingham - Stuart Dunnings II, Wayne - Kym Worthy).  Prosecutors who have not been supportive have a "N" by their names. (Kent - William Forsyth). Others who are non flagged, county residents must examine their behavior when it comes to Marijuana "crimes" and number of guilty prosecutions regarding the plant. Criteria includes the number of Cana-Business centers in their county and, prosecution of small amounts of Marijuana.

The vote to legalize in Colorado has created over 10,000 jobs in a 6 month period.  Republicans like Industrial Hemp in Colorado because they are able to grow it for manufacturing and, most of them are farmers.  Democrats like legalization because of all of the jobs pot brings to a City.  This is a bi-partisan issue that all parties can agree on and, will enable our elected leaders to pass joint legislation(pun intended) to create jobs. In addition to that, it  will eliminate the need to purchase costly placebo products like Golden Seal at $45 a pop to mask the use of Marijuana in your system so that you can pass a drug screen.

If there is additional information regarding a county prosecutor, then list them in the comment section of this posting.

Take your Blunts to the Ballot Box and Vote Green in 2014!

County Name Prosecutor N
ALLEGAN Frederick L. Anderson 
ALPENA K. Edward Black 
ANTRIM James Rossiter 
ARENAC Curtis Broughton 
BARAGA Joseph P. O'Leary 
BARRY Julie Nakfoor Pratt 
BAY Kurt Asbury 
BENZIE Sara Swanson 
BERRIEN Michael J. Sepic 
BRANCH Ralph Kimble 
CALHOUN David Gilbert 
CASS Victor A. Fitz 
CHARLEVOIX Allen Telgenhof 
CHEBOYGAN Daryl P. Vizina 
CHIPPEWA Brian A. Peppler 
CLARE Michelle J. Ambrozaitis 
CLINTON Charles D. Sherman  Y 
CRAWFORD Everette E. Ayers 
DELTA Steve Parks 
DICKINSON Lisa Richards 
EATON Douglas R. Lloyd 
EMMET James R. Linderman 
GENESEE David S. Leyton  Y 
GLADWIN Aaron W. Miller 
GOGEBIC Richard B. Adams 
GRATIOT Keith J. Kushion 
HILLSDALE Neal A. Brady 
HOUGHTON Michael Makinen 
HURON Timothy J. Rutkowski 
INGHAM Stuart J. Dunnings, III  Y 
IONIA Ronald J. Schafer 
IOSCO Nichol Palumbo 
IRON Melissa A. Powell 
ISABELLA Risa Scully 
JACKSON Jerry Jarzynka  N
KALAMAZOO Jeffrey Getting 
KALKASKA Michael Perreault 
KENT William A. Forsyth  N
KEWEENAW Donna L. Jaaskelainen 
LAKE Craig Cooper 
LAPEER Tim Turkelson 
LEELANAU Joseph T. Hubbell  N
LENAWEE R. Burke Castleberry 
LIVINGSTON William Vailliencourt 
LUCE Joshua Freed 
MACKINAC Jay Stuart Spencer 
MACOMB Eric J. Smith 
MANISTEE Ford K. Stone 
MARQUETTE Matt J. Wiese 
MASON Paul R. Spaniola 
MECOSTA Peter Jaklevic 
MENOMINEE Daniel E. Hass 
MIDLAND Erik Wallen  N
MISSAUKEE William Donnelly, Jr 
MONROE William P. Nichols 
MONTCALM Andrea Krause 
NEWAYGO Robert Springstead 
OAKLAND Jessica R. Cooper  N
OCEANA Joseph Bizon 
OGEMAW LaDona Schultz 
ONTONAGON James Jessup 
OSCEOLA Tyler Thompson
OSCODA Casandra Morse-Bills 
OTSEGO Michael Rola 
OTTAWA Ronald J. Frantz 
PRESQUE ISLE Richard K. Steiger 
ROSCOMMON Mark Jernigan 
SAGINAW John McColgan 
SANILAC James V. Young 
SCHOOLCRAFT Timothy R. Noble 
SHIAWASSEE Deana Finnegan 
ST. CLAIR Michael Wendling 
ST. JOSEPH John L. McDonough 
TUSCOLA Mark E. Reene 
VAN BUREN Michael Bedford 
WASHTENAW Brian L. Mackie 
WAYNE Kym L. Worthy 
WEXFORD Anthony Badovinac  N

Are people who use Hooka Pipes  "Happy Hookas"?