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Monday, April 30, 2012

Stop Voter Supression in Detroit before Wednesday May 9th 2012

Hon. Dave Bing,
Mayor City of Detroit

Hon. Charles Pugh
President City Council of Detroit

1 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226

Contact (click here(City Council members and Mayor Dave Bing )) of the City of Detroit and ask them to stop practicing Voter Suppression by letting the voters decide the issue of Marijuana use in the City of Detroit on the August 2012 ballot.

We are requesting that you direct the legal counsel of the City of Detroit to discontinue the efforts to stop citizens from voting on the use of marijuana within the City.  The Lawyers and the fees associated with them are costing the city a lot of money. An appeal to the State Supreme Court is a form of voter suppression that is on par with Voter ID laws, and other tactics to reduce voter participation. In the long haul, the City will lose and, that would be a complete waste of resources and Detroit taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.  This issue should be on the ballot to let the people decide regardless of what the council and the Mayor have to say about it.

The State of Michigan will be trying to take control of the City in some way, shape or form because of money. In the big picture Medical Marijuana has generated over 12 million dollars for the State in registration fees alone.  Empty buildings in Detroit have been revitalized by the cannabis community to have clubs, businesses, and events that bring revenue and visitors to the City of Detroit.  Unlike churches in the city, Cannabis businesses pay property taxes and utilities like DTE and Consumers Power, unlike churches paying NO property tax at all.

It is imperative that the elected officials of the City of Detroit drop all legal challenges to the city-wide ballot proposal being on the ballot and, let the people vote in August 2012. Please act on this request by directing City of Detroit’s legal counsel to not file an appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court.


Richard C. Clement
Director of Outreach & Technology Programs
Michigan Chapter of the National Organization for
the Reform of Marijuana Laws

cc:  MINORML Board of Directors,
Detroit City Council Members

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