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Monday, September 19, 2016

Vote Weed 2016 - Recommended Judicial Candidates for Michigan Supreme Court - 3rd Circuit Court, and 36 District Court

by The 420 Judicial Committee Commission

The following candidates are running for Judicial positions on the Michigan Supreme Court, 3rd Circuit Court, and 36th District Court. Their documented position on Marijuana Law Reform has earned an endorsement from the Cannabis Community.  Although electing officials is a good thing, Judges can effectively void any law at their discretion.  Electing open minded judges is paramount to ending the drug war on weed and it's effects on people of color and financial drain to the community in terms of felony convictions and other law enforcement action. Endorsed candidates are in GREEN.

Keep Michigan Dank, Vote for Deborah and Frank!
A Legal Question to all candidates regarding Medical Emergencies and Marijuana use for treatment. Can a patient declare a medical emergency in a public place to treat PTSD symptoms and not be subjected to penalty of law because of the emergency?
Would this get case get dismissed in 36 District, 3rd Circuit or, the Michigan Supreme Court? Please answer in the comment section..

MSC  -  Michigan Supreme Court
3rdCir 4  - 3rd Circuit Court Four Positions
36 Dist 8 - 36 District Court Eight Positions
36 Dist 2 - 36 District Court Two Positions
36 Dist 1 - 36 District Court One Position

Office Party Name Email 420?

MSC D Frank Szymanski
MSC D Deborah Thomas*** Yes
3rdCir 4 NP Melissa Anne Cox
3rdCir 4 NP Matthew M. Evans
3rdCir 4 NP Wanda A. Evans* Yes

3rdCir 4 NP Thomas John Hathaway  YES
3rdCir 4 NP Brian L. Morrow YES
3rdCir 4 NP Kelly Ann Ramsey
3rdCir 4 NP Regina Thomas YES
36Dist 8 NP Lydia Nance Adams
36Dist 8 NP Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford* Yes
36Dist 8 NP Izetta F. Bright* Yes

36Dist 8 NP Austin W. Garrett
36Dist 8 NP B. Pennie Millender
36Dist 8 NP Cylenthia LaToye Miller
36Dist 8 NP David A. Perkins
36Dist 8 NP Larry D. Williams Jr.
36Dist 2 NP  Christopher M. Blount*** Yes

36Dist 2 NP  Kahlilia Yvette Davis
36Dist 2 NP  Kenyetta Stanford Jones
36Dist 1 NP  Adrienne Hinnant-Johnson* Yes 

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