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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Report from the front lines in Lansing Michigan

By Richard C. Clement
aka Weed Warrior

Progress on City of Lansing Ordinance 876 regarding Medical marijuana businesses in the city limits is coming along well. The meeting on Thursday with the public safety committee went smoothly and everyone who wanted to speak did speak. The 24/7 business community stepped up to the plate to contest the provision of the ordinance to restrict their working hours between hours of 11pm to 7am.

They performed very well and asked for the right lines in the ordinance to be struck from the record. A big shout out goes to our colleague Roberto Castillo from the TNT 24/7 dispensary who; did his homework and, attacked the document in the proper place. Numerous medical professionals spoke on the behalf of the ordinance and wanted to see it dispensed from places like Walgreens pharmacy and other places.

The major opposition to the new business is the neighborhood associations who want them gone at all costs. However city officials are supportive of the Grandfathering clause allowing existing businesses to stay in their present locations. If forced to move, the city will incur costs of paying relocation expenses and other indemnities. The best resolution is to use the business model of free market capitalism as expressed by CNBC host Larry Kudlow. Let the market decide who stays in business and who goes from the landscape. The concern for the small businesses is the inception of a large entity like a wall-mart or a Weed-mart coming in drying up business from the main street shops.

Lansing Michigan is quickly becoming a model for Michigan’s Marijuana reform movement. All the speakers had valid points. The Lansing City Council conducted a professional meeting with the citizens to set the direction for local, state, and international trade in Marijuana related products. The Capital City Airport has a US Customs station on the facility allowing for international flights to come direct from Amsterdam Netherlands. It is small like Coleman Young Airport in Detroit and is equipped to handle midsize passenger aircraft.

Lansing residents have 3 more opportunities to express their support for this Cannabis revolution. On Monday June 20th, @ 7PM the council will hold a public hearing on the ordinance that is open to the public. On June 23, 2011 @4:30pm at 316 N. Capital Avenue Lansing MI the planning board will be holding a public meeting in their conference room. Finally on Monday June 27, 2011 @ 7PM on the 10th floor of city hall, the council will take a final up or down vote on the measure.

Ingham County NORML and the cannabis community appreciate the fine effort of the citizens of Lansing and the elected leadership of the city to address the growing economic boom that has come to the City of Lansing and the State of Michigan in a much needed time when people are in need of new ideas and employment opportunities. Reclassifying Marijuana from a Schedule one drug to a Schedule 3 drug by the Obama Administration is the ultimate goal. In the meantime, the City of Lansing Michigan has taken the lead on this exponentially expanding business.

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