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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The City of Lansing MI 420 Slate of Candidates Tuesday Nov. 8th 2011

The following is a recommended list of candidates that are on the ballot in the City of Lansing Michigan

1st Ward - Lynne Martinez
3rd Ward - A’lynne Robinson
At Large - Derrick Quinney

These candidates have been identified as the best supporters of the Michigan Medical Marijuana law in the City of Lansing and the voters who supported it by %63. The allegations made by the Greater Lansing Progress group about Derrick Quinney are disturbing and plays to the old stereotypes of African Americans in jail in orange jump suits. These allegations are fabricated and, the sponsors of this effort Rory Nuner and Tom Stewart should be punished at the polls for this. Lynne Martinez and A’lynne Robinson also show strong support of the cannabis job creators in the city. The 420 slate recommends these candidates as the best persons for the job of being a Lansing City Council member and urges you to vote for them by November 8th.

The 420 Slate.

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