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Friday, October 10, 2014

Nov. 4th General Election - 420 Cannabis Slate of Candidates

by  the Weed Warrior

"Take your Blunts to the Ballot Box"

420 Cannabis Slate Endorsements

Office Sought Candidate Name
Governor Mark Schauer
Attorney General Mark Totten Nov 2014
Secretary of State Godfrey Dillard Nov 2014
US Senate  Gary Peters
US Rep Dist 13 John Conyers
US Rep Dist 14 Brenda Lawrence
MI State Rep Dist 2 Alberta Tinsley Tilab
MI State Rep Dist 3 Wendel Byrd
MI State Rep Dist 4 Rose Mary Robinson
MI State Rep Dist 5 Fred Durhal
MI State Rep Dist 6 Stephanie Chang
MI State Rep Dist 7 Laytoya Garrett
MI State Rep Dist 8 Sherry Day-Gagnogo
MI State Rep Dist 9 Harvey Santana
MI State Rep Dist 10 Leslie Love
MI Senate  Dist 1 Coleman Young
MI Senate  Dist 2 Bert Johnson
MI Senate  Dist 3 Morris Hood
MI Senate  Dist 5  David Knezek
Wayne County Exec Warren Evans
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy
Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean
Wayne County Probate Court Rohn Mitchell
Justice of the Supreme Court Richard Bernstine
Justice of the Supreme Court Bill Murphy
Justice of the Supreme Court(I) Deborah Thomas
Detroit Public School Board Lamar Lemmons
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredeau Sep 2015

The following voters guide is based on a candidate's support of Green Jobs through the use, cultivation and, manufacturing of the male and female cannabis plant. While states like Colorado and Washington are benefiting from the explosion in green jobs, current Michigan legislators have been very lackluster when it comes innovation and job creation benefits from the acceptance of "The Plant".

The candidates endorsed on this slate would be the best fit to:
1.  Create a friendly environment for cannabis based businesses in the State of Michigan and regulate it's use as a free market commodity.
2.  Reverse the changes in the Michigan Medical Marijuana law that imposes senseless restrictions of the transporting of marijuana in a vehicle and, other changes that are designed to increase the pipeline to prison and, asset forfeiture cash cow that communities rely on.
3.  Creating Green jobs through the cultivation of  Industrial Hemp for products like fuel and building materials for homes, roads repair, and automobiles.
4.  Modify and remove restrictions on felons allowing them to be caregivers in the Michigan Medical Medical Marijuana program. Being honest on giving someone who made a mistake a true chance to succeed and, create jobs if so inclined to do so.

Where to Vote?
Before Nov 4th:

Vote in Person from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.
Parking $5.00

Wayne County Community College Campus (2 locations):
Vote in Person from 8am-4pm Monday through Saturday
Parking: Free.
Cast your ballot in person or take it home with you and mail in.
You can drop off your filled out absentee ballot there also.  Save a stamp!

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