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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Voting Straight D to Keep the Weed Free. 2014 Lame Ducks and The Future of Marijuana Law Reform

By Weed Warrior (with quotes from voters)

“When I Vote this time, I will remember in November what happened last December” -  UAW member and Medical Marijuana Patient.

"I am Voting the 420 Slate (click here) to get the economy straight" - A customer at Baker's Keyboard Lounge

The future of Marijuana as we know it is in danger, if you don’t vote straight Democratic and, for Supreme Court Judges Bernstine, Murphy, and Thomas.  People who want you to believe that legislators in Lansing will pass progressive Marijuana laws in Lame Duck session after the election will be lied to again. Just ask the Unions regarding Right to Work legislation that was passed after November 2012 election.  Another example is the Voter suppression involved to prevent the repeal of the Emergency Manager Law. Changing a law after the election so that the voters cannot change again is clear example of Voting Fraud. 

"When you replace the letter U with an I in Lame Duck, this is what we will get in Lansing if we let those same guys win again like 2010"  - A Unidentified Female shopping at Mejiers on 8 mile and Woodward.

On a national level, electing Congressional Representatives and Senators that are Cannabis friendly, Marijuana would be removed from the Controlled Substances List. Leaders like Brenda Lawrence and John Conyers will pass laws allowing dollars to be transferred from incarceration into education, infrastructure upgrading like streets, sewers, lights, and other things needed.  To negate the effect of Statewide voter photo ID laws, taking a selfie at the polls with your provisional ballot in your hand is a possible legal answer to the problem. As long as you are a citizen outside of a Jail, you have the right to vote and have it counted by law.

Chef RA
In 2014 the State of Colorado has made $45 million dollars in tax revenue from legal Marijuana sales in eight months. They are on track to make $62.5 million dollars in twelve months at the current rate of sales. In Michigan, land is being revitalized by people who have opened up compassion centers in Cities all over Michigan. The State is in line to make $100,000+ million dollars through the development of agricultural Industrial Hemp and, Cities that will have a new source of revenue from Marijuana sales and distribution.

With Mark Schauer in power, untapped revenue will appear in the State Budget from the discontinuance of asset forfeitures, arrests for Marijuana, and the empty jail cells that will be created afterwards. Godfrey Dillard will finally allow the technology to use your driver’s license picture on the Michigan Medical Marijuana so that you can use it as a valid photo id. Your card would be honored like every other government id at any bank, grocery store, or to cast a vote. Finally we will have an upgrade in the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Michigan. We are a Mark Totten away from green jobs and prosperity in Michigan. We will have responsible Attorney General in Mark because he will protect children and respect the will of the voters regarding Medical Marijuana, Emergency Mangers and, restore the integrity of the office to consumers.

Michelle Alexander has written a book called the New Jim Crow (Click Here) regarding the War on Drugs and how it adversely affects people of color.  I urge you to read it when you have time or before you cast your vote. (Listen to Michelle Alexander's Video - Click Here

I urging you to Vote Early from Now until November 3rd  2014 at the following locations:
Detroit Election Bureau on 2978 Grand Boulevard Detroit MI 48202  8a-5p Mon-Fri

Wayne County Community College two locations 10/13-11/3   9a-5p Mon-Fri

Parking is free at WC3 so, Vote Straight D, to keep the Weed Free!
For Supreme Court Judge: 
Vote B.M.T. for Victory!      Richard Bernstine, Bill Murphy, and Debra Thomas

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