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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Elections Canada 2015 - Weed is Howe To Pay For The Gordie Howe International Bridge

by The Weed Warrior

On October 19th, Canadian Citizens will have the opportunity to elect a son of a change leader in Justin Tredeau.  Mr. Tredeau is a candidate for Prime Minister of Canada running against the current prime minister Stephen Harper who is a combination of Donald Trump and Chris Christie regarding Marijuana.  He is primarily responsible for using Canadian taxpayer dollars to send one of their citizens to a United States Federal prison at the request of the Bush Administration’s Drug Enforcement Agency for 5 years for the crime of selling marijuana seeds.  Prime Minister Harper is also loaning money to the State of Michigan to build the Gordie Howe bridge and requiring that Americans pay it back over 30 years just on toll revenue.

"BC Bud from Canada is Cleaner that Oil From Alberta and, Water In Flint MI USA"
- A Detroit Resident listening to Jazz at Baker Keyboard

With a Justin Tredeau victory, the money will be there to pay for a new bridge and, he will allow the United States to pay for the bridge loan with revenue from the bustiling Marijuana industry in America, specifically the State of Michigan.  One of Justin’s first official acts is to decriminalize the stigma and criminal penalties for Marijuana the plant.  Unlike the United States who loves to put people in jail for small amounts of medicine, Canada under Treadeu will not be suckered into the privatized prison scam that has infected the governments of Counties and States across America.  Prisoners are treated like a share of stock on Wall Street and corporations benefit up to $25,000 a year per body in a cell.

Justin’s father was Piere Tredeau one of Canada’s most successful Prime Ministers(wiki def). In 1969 he commissioned a study to  decriminalize  Marijuana so that people would not clog a corrections system with small time drug offenders(click Here for Toronto Star News) .  He also was a statesman because he could get along with everybody and treated people with respect.

By electing Justin Tredeau, this would be an important step towards granting full clemency and pardon to Mr. Marc Scott Emery of Vancouver British Colombia.  By President Obama granting him clemency, Marc and his wife Jodie can cross into Detroit from Windsor on the Ambassador Bridge and stop by and say hi at a provisioning center in our City of Detroit. 

So if you know of someone in Canada, please let them know that they can vote NOW up until October 19th, in person for Justin Tredeau son of a change agent. 

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