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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Field Report: Wayne County Judge Disables City Marijuana Website

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Consultant

UPDATE:  The restraining order was vacated by Judge Colombo on January 4th, 2018 and is no longer valid.

The Detroit Planning Commission has declared war against voters of the City of Detroit by endorsing a lawsuit brought by a shadow group of plaintiffs, led by Chris Hindo of VK Real Estate Holdings located at 12800 Eight Mile Road. Board Chairman Alton James and this group have petitioned Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Colombo to prevent the City of Detroit Building Safety and Engineering Department from issuing licenses from the City website.  In order to get a State License, a business must be approved by a local unit of government.
The old ordinance was repealed on November 7th, 2017 and, any part of the old ordinance cannot be re-implemented for 365 days by rule of law. This means that restrictions on things like drive through service, parks, and liquor stores have been removed. In addition to these changes, rules on religious institutions and schools have been modified to account for open school and active church congregations.  If you are a Rastafarian or any religion where the holy herb is a primary tenant of the faith, you may be entitled to protection under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.  This law covers religious land use and non-Michigan citizens who are Medical Marijuana patients in another state.

Judge Robert Colombo - Wayne County MI 3rd Circuit Court Judge

On February 18th at 9am, please be present in the Court in room 701 at the Coleman Young Municipal Center to observe the case proceedings. The goal of the Planning commission and Chris Hindo is to ask this Judge to issue an order to void the results because the Commissioners are stating that:

Citizens do not have the right to vote on where a Marijuana business can locate within the City of Detroit, only Planning Commission members can.

If you support the rule of law and, are tired of people disrespecting your vote, call city hall to demand that Mayor Mike Duggan Direct the City Law Department to:

Ask Judge Colombo to issue an order requiring the City of Detroit to start taking applications through the City Website and in person at the Coleman Young Municipal Center and dismiss this frivolous lawsuit. 

Website: Mayor Mike Duggan - City of Detroit

With their vote, the electorate of the City of Detroit is directing their government to Opt-Into State Marijuana laws by providing these services. By choosing this path, this is the same process how Lansing brought us Emergency Managers and rammed them down the people’s throat. 

Request by Plaintiffs to Invalidate the Vote of the People for Marijuana Jobs and Opportunities

Interested parties are welcome to send letters to:

Hon. Judge Robert Colombo
Coleman Young Municipal Center Room 701
Detroit, MI 48226  

Case #17-017221-AW 
Office Number Call (313) 224-5430 Courtroom Clerk Matthew Johnson 

Finally, citizens are strongly encouraged to contact every elected official in the City of Detroit to demand that they follow the will of the people and respect our vote for Marijuana reform in the City of Detroit. Website Detroit City Council - Brenda Jones President - Mary Sheffield President Pro Tempore

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